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The BEST Orthopedic Leg Support Scooter

RollerAid™ is a turning knee scooter that acts as a substitute for crutches. It is designed for use by patients with below-the-knee injuries. It includes swiveling front wheels, a handy basket and water bottle carrier to accommodate an active lifestyle during recovery. It is light weight and collapsible for easy transport and supports patients up to 350 pounds. Tens of thousands of patients have already used the RollerAid™ in safety and comfort as part of their recovery to full weight bearing after injury or surgery.

Key Features:

photo of folded RollerAid

photo of woman putting folded RollerAid in car

It's collapsible!

The folding frame RollerAid™ folds to a meager 2.6 cubic feet so that it can easily fit into even the tiny trunk of a Mini Cooper (see photo). It can fit just as easily into the back seat of your car – but remember to use a seat belt to restrain it. Even in standard form the RollerAid™ needs only 5.3 cubic feet – much less than the competition.
Contrast this to competing models that need 6.3 – 7.5 cubic feet when folded. This is more than the average set of golf clubs. You’ll need an SUV and 2.4 – 2.9 times the space of the folding frame RollerAid™.

And light!

Weighing in at a mere 19.5 pounds it is 23% lighter than the nearest competitor and 41% less than the next! If you put a gallon of milk into the basket of the RollerAid™ you would get a good idea of just how heavy our competition really is!

close-up photo of swiveling front wheel

Swiveling Front Wheels!

Naturally more stable than other turning models, the RollerAid™ turns in only 2’9”. Compare that to the 8’4” and 10’8” of competing models.

Now with “One Touch Straight”!

Simply touching a button with your good foot locks the RollerAid™ in the straight ahead position. To release, simply tap a second time.

photo of tall person and short person on RollerAids

Easily Adjustable

for heights from 4'10" to 6'4" using quick-releases!

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