Information for Patients

photo of woman using RollerAid in kitchen Thank you for considering RollerAid™ as part of your rehabilitation effort. We are pleased to be part of your recovery process. There are several turning orthopedic leg scooters available today but no others offer the patented swivel front wheel system of the RollerAid™. Swiveling front wheels offer the smallest turning circle and, in conjunction with RollerAid’s one touch straight system, the ability to go straight at the touch of a button. The RollerAid™ folds way smaller and weighs considerably less than any other turning leg support scooter. We believe that the RollerAid™ will greatly enhance your ability to remain non-weight-bearing during the healing process.

Patient Benefits:

  1. Provides a painless alternative to crutches or a walker
  2. Swiveling front wheels for easy steering and maneuvering in even the smallest space – no more lifting to turn or multiple forward and back movements to make a tight turn
  3. Eliminates tripping or falling associated with crutches
  4. Easy rolling caster system means less fatigue and conserved energy
  5. Frees up hands
  6. Limits muscle atrophy by strengthening proximal muscles in affected leg which helps transition to full weight bearing
  7. Improves circulation in affected leg
  8. Partially elevates affected leg for less pain and swelling
  9. Use as a bench or foot stool during rest
  10. Folds in seconds for transport or storage (no need to disassemble)
  11. Basket and water bottle holder included free with every unit

Not only does the RollerAid™ take less energy to propel than a walker or crutches, it also provides a stable platform as you move around. Considering these benefits, it may seem surprising to hear that the RollerAid™ strengthens muscles instead of allowing atrophy, that is, wasting away of muscles and bone mass. Muscle atrophy is one of the negative consequences of using crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. By exercising most or all of the muscles around the knee, hip, and trunk during regular use, recipients benefit from strengthening of those muscles in both the injured and uninjured legs while also ensuring that blood is pumped to the injured leg resulting in improved circulation and reduced swelling.

Comparison of Orthopedic Leg Support Scooters

RollerAid™ exhibits the best combination of features and performance of any turning orthopedic leg support scooter available today. This Orthopedic Leg Support Scooter Comparison Table sets out a detailed comparison between competing turning leg support scooters and it can be easily seen that RollerAid™ is the clear winner!

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Suitability Criteria:

For safety reasons the RollerAid™ should only be used by patients that satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Must be 12 years or older
  2. Weigh less than 350 pounds
  3. Be between 4’10” and 6’4”
  4. Have reasonable balance
  5. Be able to feel foot on floor if suffering from peripheral neuropathy
  6. Have reasonable eyesight


The RollerAid can be used for most injuries below the knee where the patient needs to remain non-weight-bearing. Typical applications include:

  1. Bunionectomies, halux abducto valgus and hammer toe corrections
  2. Lower extremity ulcers/wounds (e.g., diabetic sores)
  3. Fractures of the foot, ankle, heel, or lower leg
  4. Ruptured or strained Achilles tendons
  5. Heel spur removal
  6. Sprained ankles
  7. Gout

The RollerAid™ is also very suitable for below the knee amputees as an alternative to a wheelchair or as a temporary replacement for a prosthetic device during recovery from heat or over-use sores and for those middle of the night bathroom visits where putting on your prosthesis is not practical.

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Insurance Coverage:

Enhanced Mobility Systemz, Inc. does not process insurance claims.

Most Private Insurers provide support for the RollerAid™ leg support scooter subject to users having coverage for durable medical equipment. Typical rates are 70-80% after deductibles have been paid.

Medicare has granted an HCPCS code of E0118 for the RollerAid™ (leg scooters with and without wheels) but unfortunately has not yet provided a cost estimate. As a result Medicare generally down codes all leg scooters to the equivalent of a pair of crutches for payment purposes. Secondary (private) insurance, however, generally covers much of the difference.

It s strongly recommended that patients call their insurer and determine likely coverage before committing to buy a RollerAid™ leg support scooter.

L&I/Workers Compensation generally support the use of the RollerAid™. Some L&I staff will encourage the use of the RollerAid™ since it can, in some circumstances, allow for an earlier return to work. After getting a prescription for the RollerAid™ from your physician call your case worker to review getting necessary authorization.

TriCare/TriWest (military) has been extremely supportive of RollerAid™ use. It is vital, however, that you obtain pre-authorization. If you are being treated off-base you will need to have the RollerAid™ signed off by your base physician.

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Retail Purchase

You may purchase a RollerAid™ from us for the retail price of $595.00 not including shipping, handling, or optional insurance.

Enhanced Mobility Systemz, Inc. uses the United States Postal Service, unless otherwise requested. It is not liable for damages in shipping by any carrier.

Enhanced Mobility Systemz, Inc. cares for your safety. When you receive the RollerAid™ it will arrive with a Safety Instructions and Operator's Manual. Read them here. Although the scooter is simple and easy to use we ask that you read the manual carefully and then call us at 800-755-0455. We will then talk you through the major set-up, safety and use features and answer any of your questions.